Health Adventure and Other Asheville Things

We started out our morning by making pretzels. I was COVERD In flour when we were done. But I stayed and helped Grandma Jo the entire time! I am really liking cooking and baking now. After breakfast we went to the Health Adventure.

We saw CLIFFORD! The BIG RED DOG! I tried to climb him.


You could slide down his tail. After I did that about 100 times I sat on his paw for some rest and relaxation.


I got to make music with the Birdwell Island band.


Even Max was super fun at the pretend beach.


I helped Breighton ring up some food at the grocery store.


We took the ferry boat all around… okay it was pretend but we still had a good time.


Cliffords dog bones were SO big that we had to use a conveyer belt to move them in to the bowl!!!


I was awesome at this until a little boy came over and shoved me and then punched me in the stomach! He didn’t know how share and take turns just yet.


I took a two hour nap in the cap (in the driveway) when we got home. Mommy sat with me and took a little nap as well! 🙂 After dinner we played in the yard.


We found dandelions.


We checked out all the holes we could find.


It was a lovely day in Asheville.

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