Tricycles, Dinosaurs and Swings… OH MY!

We went out to Boardman Park for some leg stretching and energy burning before a family lunch at the Chinese buffet!

I am really getting the hang of the tricycle. I would still rather push with my feet instead of pedal.


I climbed on this dinosaur (Littlefoot) all by myself!!! I am so proud of me!


I wanted to give the dinosaur a BIG hug! 🙂


I love these old cut out tires made into swings!


My first ever ride on a tire swing. Breighton was really nice to share and then he started being really mean to me!


Mommy made him get off and then I got to swing by myself for a big. I preferred to be with Breighton.


We had a nice lunch out at Chinese. I ate a TON of food! After nap time we played in the yard all afternoon. I got so filthy playing with all the mud and ick! I am a great helper and I helped Breighton make more soup and some worm houses… made with freshly mixed mud! 🙂 I hit the golf balls around for a while and then our friend Danielle came over and I sat on her lap and just watched while B played and Mommy and Grandma Susie cleaned the gutters on the house! 🙂

I did not want to go to bed tonight. Last night I had an “accident”. I rolled off the side of the air-mattress and right under Mommy’s bed. Of course I was asleep when this happened and I got stuck under the bed and started SCREAMING!!!! Mommy saved me quickly and all was fine and I went right back to bed. She put a bit more air in the mattress for tonight! 🙂

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