Easter Egg Hunts SCARE Me

Today we went to the Easter Hunt at the YMCA. I was really “out of it” for most of the day. I wanted to be in someone’s arms the entire time. When I saw Grandma and Grandpa I calmed down and was willing to be on the ground. At least until they said GO!


Pouting a bit because I didn’t want Mommy to take my photo.


I absolutely panicked once my foot hit the grass. Daddy to the rescue and he figured it out quickly. I did NOT like the wet grass… I could feel it through my shoes… HONEST! So Daddy held me upside down and then I was willing to pick up a few eggs.


I got a few eggs. We had to open them all up and see if we got a prize slip, NOPE!


But I had a fun time opening the eggs. Some were really hard!!


Hopefully I am more revved up for the Safety Harbor Egg Hunts in a week or so!

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