Strawberry Picking

This morning we drove hour to Plant City (technically Dover) for some hydroponic/organic strawberry picking. We came last year and had such a fun time. Mommy scooped things out in advance and thought today would be the perfect day, and it WAS!

I had a fun time picking. I would jump up and down when I found a red berry. Mommy wouldn’t let me pick the white ones.


Okay Mom enough photos of my berries. Just for that I will refuse to walk the rest of the trip and you will have to carry me! HAHAHAHA!


OKay, I will walk again as Long as I have this groovy green basket to carry around! 🙂


Having so much fun. And I only ate THREE!


I caught up with Daddy eventually and hooked him into carrying me for a while.


I highly recommend Parke Hydro Farms for u-pick berries. Best days are Tuesday as they are closed on Sunday and Monday so the berries are abundant. We got there at 9:15 and were the 2nd group there of the day. By the time we left there were about 30 people picking! So the early bird gets the red ripe berries! 🙂


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