Happy 2nd Birthday

Today I turned TWO! We had a little party at the local playground. The weather was threatening all day but it knew better than to ruin my birthday party.

Mommy and Emmerson

Mommy made me this neat Elmo shirt. It has a HUGE number 2 on the back of it. Thanks Mommy!

What A HAM! He LOVed his homemade Elmo shirt! :)

Breighton had a nice time celebrating my big day.

Breighton, the mutant 4 year old! :)

This big kids climbed on the ropes.

On the ropes! :)

My Cousin Zac enjoying the see-saw.

Zac! :) So cute!

Breighton, Aran, Zachary and Jacob pretending they are aboard a pirate ship.

The fearsome foursome! Breighton, Zachary, Aran and Jacob! :) That is a LOT of energy! :)

Ahoy mates!

The boys made a pirate ship! Someplace is Captain Underpants! :)

I had a pull-string Elmo pinata.

Emmerson and his ELMO!

You had to pull really hard and then the spring would either open Elmo up or just snap off.

Breighton tugging a string! :)

Everyone took their turns.

Cousin Zac having a go at it!

There was one string left at the end and Mommy then had to dump out Elmo! 🙂 It was really fun to gather all the toys and candy that fell out.

Emmerson pulled the last strings....

Mommy loves Elmo! 🙂

Me and Elmo...

Daddy made cupcakes as usual. Yummy chocolate with white frosting. Mommy found these cute little Elmo faces. They came out really nice. I ate 3!
Grandma Jo helping light the candles on the cupcake! :)

We played a few more times on the playground and then called it quits.

Emmerson finally out of Mommy's arms...

I enjoyed about 4 lollipops.

Enjoying a lollipop! :)

As did Breighton.

Breighton the monkey! :)

After the party we went to lunch with the family and had a wonderful afternoon and evening.

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