The Snow is Gone… or is it?

We woke up Christmas morning and the snow was mostly gone. I stayed home the next day with Grandma because I wasn’t feeling well. Mommy and Breighton took Elmo Matt to the airport and I stayed and played. The next day I was feeling a BIT better and wanted to play in the yard for a while.

I helped Breighton make some new deer soup.


I eventually dumped out the wheelbarrow.


Being silly. At least the weather was a bit warmer.


Trying to convince Mom that I should play with the snow shovel!


The vote was no so I grabbed the wagon full of the summertime toys and opted to play with those.


The next (and last) day we were in Ohio we woke up to a white world. My nose was running and I was coughing very bad so I got to stay inside while Mommy and Breighton played outside. I loved sitting at the kitchen window and just watching everything. Maybe next time I will go outside. I really just don’t quite like snow…yet!

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