NOT Happy!!

Today Mommy tucked me in for a nap and then took Breighton to gymnastics. I guess I heard her leave or felt her not in the house. Within minutes of her departure I went into total meltdown. Daddy tried everything for over an hour to no avail. Nothing was making me happy. He really tried hard to figure out what my gripe was about. Thank you so much Daddy.

Mommy finally got home and I greeted her with a happy smile and giggle. She rocked me for a few minutes and I fell asleep in her arms. She put me in my bed and walked out. Then… SCREAM!!!!! NOT happy. Mommy rocked and nursed me then again put me in bed… SCREAM! AH! Finally she gave up and we played on the floor until I stuck my finger in a hole in the wall and got a splinter (old screw hole from where the bookshelf used to be). She took me to the bathroom for splinter removal and opted for a diaper change as well. Well, low and behold somehow I had a sliver of hard plastic in my diaper! It was about 3/4 inch long and 1/2 inch wide and bright yellow! Who knows where it came from… but that was my issue.

Mommy put a little medicine on a scratch that the sharp plastic made then gave me a new diaper. Mommy hugged me and rocked me for one last try and I was out like a light! All better! Naptime at 4pm, normally 12:30!! UGH!


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