Potty Power?? Already??

Mommy brought some things home from storage the other day. I became really interested in this potty seat. The other morning I insisted to put it up on the big potty and sit on it. Well, today I opted to sit on it naked. ALL my clothing had to come off! I sat and sat and sat, Mommy even took a shower, and I sat some more. Nothing much happened. But I was determined to figure out why everyone sits on this funny chair so often, especially Breighton.


All I know is that it makes me happy! 🙂


Low and behold the next time I sat on the potty I PEED! IN THE POTTY! (well, mostly the potty…some of the floor and the rest on myself!)

I am barely 18 months and I peed in the potty. Mommy and Daddy are letting me take the reigns on this one. I sit on the potty a few times a day and just giggle with delight! Nothing more IN the potty but I am just exploring right now! 🙂

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