Planet Jump and New Clothes

Today we went to a playdate and clothing swap at Planet Jump in Largo. Mommy took a bag of things that didn’t fit me any more. We got to play while Mommy shopped. Mommy managed to pick out some very nice second hand clothing for me, even name brand! So I have some clothing to call my own that was’t Breighton’s hand-me-downs.

I had more fun with this sticker machine than jumping!


My buddy Michael (MJV) and I playing in the Jungle Bounce. This darn crocodile kept making faces at me so I decided to feed it my head.


Take that you silly crocodile!


Michael being silly, he is 3 weeks younger than me! 🙂


Chilling out in the pretend swimming pool.


Checking out the play house. I am crying because Michael just went “hiiiii-ya!” on my head! We love each other so much, best buds!


What a goof that friend of mine is! 🙂


Trying to NOT let the bigger kids in!


The bigger kids keeping the snacks from us little kids. (left to right: Michael, Madi, ME and Breighton)


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