18 Months, already!!!

Today marks 18 months of my life. I am growing up so fast. My receptive language is far superior to where it should be at this age. My verbal skills are a bit lagging but Mommy is confident I will explode with words soon. (Daddy is more nervous about the lack of words). Although, I listen extremely well. I like to please others by doing simple jobs like: putting trash in the trash can, handing Mommy a towel after her shower each morning, helping put spilled cat food back in the bowl, wiping the floors with a towel when I think they are dirty and many many more!

I am a total snuggle-bug. I LOVE to give hugs and kisses to everyone and everything. Although sometimes I nip with my teeth when I hug Mommy. Speaking of teeth. I have 4 on top in the front, two front on the bottom, 2 molars on the top and just got 1 more on the bottom. The last first year molar is on its way. So I am very grumpy tonight. Teething has been a battle as my teeth have come in so slowly the pain has lingered longer than it should. When I teeth I am super grumpy. I chew food and then spit it out. Nothing makes me happy other than Mommy (but that is the case with a lot of things!).

I am still nursing. Mommy is trying to ween me but I won’t let her just yet. I never took a bottle. I really don’t like sippy cups but will tolerate them for a drink of water or really watered down lemonade. I still don’t sleep through the night but I am getting closer. There have been a few nights where I gave Mommy hope of a full nights sleep but then I went back to up 2-3 times a night. Mommy has adjusted but I know is tired of it all. I just really enjoy snuggling up with Mommy when the house is quiet and lacking the normal chaos of the day. Can you blame me?? Have you seen our house sometimes? PURE CHAOS! hehe

I am sure there are many other things to mention but for now I will leave you with a few pictures of dress-up day with Mommy today.

I am a total rock-star! Clown costume, train conductors hat and a Hanna Montana play microphone! Look at me bust a MOVE!


And now for my singing talent. Notice the nose to the microphone… that is ALL my style! Maybe a little stand-up comedy. I do think I am HILARIOUS!!!


Hello, is this thing on?? Is anyone here from Iowa? ahhh, nevermind.


Ladies and gentleman, thank you and GOODNIGHT!

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