Quality Time with Great Grandma Barbara

I enjoyed playing games with Great Granny. She helped me play catch (more like fetch), stack cups and play with a puppet.

She made me laugh, a LOT!


So happy with Great Granny, 91!!


We managed one pretty decent photo for her.


Then I wanted to ham it up for the camera. I am still doing this weird squinting face when Mommy says CHEESE!


Not sure how to stop myself!


Even with a toy in my mouth for a distraction, I still smiled goofy!


Finally a MOSTLY decent non-goofy shot. I am making kissy faces.


I learned to say BYE BYE on vacation. I kept waving to Great Granny before I ran to the backyard or out of vision range. She thought I was silly. I also learned that you should be careful on the concrete steps. I have a few skinned knees and a scrapped up head but I am okay. My other new trick. I like to go give BIG hugs and kisses before bedtime. Super cute! 🙂

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