Easter Egg Hunting-palooza

We went to Mill Creek Park in Youngstown today for the regional egg hunt. It was a massive event. There were 3 fields for varying age groups. I got to stay bundled up in my stroller while we waited for it to start!


We were all eager to get out and hunt eggs!


And we are off. They had candy and other treats as well as eggs all over the field. I LOVED putting things in my basket.


I managed five pieces, only one egg the rest candy, before the parents of the other kids nabbed everything else up.


Mommy made me do all my own hunting!


We headed back to Poland and stopped by to see how the township egg hunt would be. It was pretty empty so we decided to try it. This egg hunt was MUCH better than the one earlier. They had a field for 0-2 year olds so I had a fighting chance! I found eggs hidden all over!


I saw these two hiding in the bushes and ran right over! Two for the price of one!


My last egg was on te other ride of the hedge in the previous picture. Can you tell what kind of plant that is on the other side?! Well, it is a ROSE BUSH! Somehow, someone decided to hide eggs in the rose bushes! Well, I have a cut on my leg and a rip in my sweater! But I got the egg!!!

So, small town eggs hunts (ie Poland) MUCH MUCH MUCH more fun that the big city (Youngstown) one! What a fun time!

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