Just a Quick Note

Daddy is working on getting the photos from the last three (gag) months downloaded and figured out in the new iPhoto.

Breighton and I have had the plague for a few weeks so Mommy is busy dealing with that. Brother brought home a runny nose from school that festered into walking pneumonia. Of course, I got it too. My lungs have been full of ick. I haven’t been sleeping well (not much of a change but I have actually been sleeping WORSE!).

Last night I was up a lot and at 3:30am I figured it was a good time to start my day. Mommy tried for a few hours to get me back to sleep and finally gave up at 6am. So of course 15 minutes later I crawled over to her (laying on the the mattress on my bedroom floor)and curled up and went to bed. At 8:30 Breighton came in to “play”. Thank goodness because he has to leave for school at 8:45!!! So our morning was jump started! 🙂

Here are a few pictures to hold you until we can get the blogging done, hopefully this weekend Mommy will start it!

Crashed on the mattress with Mom pinned between me and the wall. My legs were resting on her tummy.

So peaceful. I was just a little snuggle bug.


Up and going for the day! 🙂 Considering I am still recovering, my awake times are VERY happy! 🙂


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