A Warm Day and a VERY Chilly Day at Disney

Mommy, Daddy, Breighton and I went to Disney this week TWICE! One day was very comfy.

I enjoyed snuggles with B!


After lunch and a change of clothing I got to walk on my “leash”. Mommy needs to find B’s old Monkey Hugs one because it is more comfy.


B and I poked and bothered each other all day in the stroller. So much, in fact, that I got a brand new stroller the next day.


Just in time for the arctic freeze that set it! The stroller has a cold weather booty. We never thought we would need that.


I was snuggled… no socks… with mommy on the carousel.


I preferred the warmth of my stroller.


Grandpa Howie was teaching me high-5s. I finally got it! 🙂


I even went on the tea-cups for the first time. We went really slow! B wanted to go fast but he can ride with Daddy for that!


What a fun day! Too bad it was SO cold!

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