Milestones—11 months already!

Okay, Mommy & Daddy will get the blogs updated this week, they promise! I have had a little cold the last week and been on antibiotics so my tummy hasn’t been that happy. So here are a few quick highlights as of late with more to come and photos soon.

I am WALKING! I started with a few baby steps while we were in California visiting Uncle Matt. But now I am going all around the room. I have learned to turn but am not always effective and plop on my bottom often still. But at 11 months… walking! I walk best with things in my hands, go figure.

Today I got my FIRST TOOTH! 11 months and 3 days! Top front on the right side. Mommy has been convinced it was coming but Daddy said it was just hokey since big brother was 13 months old when he got his first. Low and behold… I HAVE A TOOTH! Yeah! Hopefully I can learn to nurse and not bite Mommy.

I also have perfected my FIRST WORD! I like to play with the telephone… a LOT! I picked it up the other day, held it to my head and said “eh-low”. Apparently I am Canadian, who knew!!! So my first official word is HELLO! I even showed off for Grandma Susie and Great Grandma Barbara yesterday with my new vocal talents! Maybe soon the words will come instead of the high pitched SQUEEEEEEEL! Maybe!

Foods are becoming my addiction. I have never liked it when people ate in front of me but now I am expressing it in volumes! Mommy finally gave in and is decreasing the jar food and i get finger foods now. I LOVE fruit (apples, pears and bananas), veggies (carrots and peas mostly), cheese, bread (I am a bread-a-saur!) and pretty much anything you stick in front of me. I am still a hoover! Although I have moved on (somewhat) from floor food to table foods! Mommy keeps the carpet vacuumed every day or so now to I don’t find lingering Breighton crumbs.

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