It’s Swimming Lesson Time

Okay, so it is mid October and most of you are getting your winter coats out and digging out your mittens. Not I! Today I started my ISR swimming lessons with Miss Patricia. I go every day (M-F) for three weeks or until I master my floating technique. These are the same lessons Breighton took the last two years. I have been really cranky the last two days and Mommy is convinved that I MIGHT be getting closer to a tooth, probably not! We have to jump on te lessons when we can as the weather will change soon, maybe? The pool was a toasty 82F today!

I giggled the entire time, until my diaper area hit the water. Then, which it might be genetic, the scream set in. It was more of a whimper after the first minute. I wasn’t scared, I just didn’t like being away from Mommy. I actually did very well.

I went right to my back, where I should be. I only arched my back once but realized that resulted in a mouth-full of water so I was done doing that. I learn quick!


We did a few roll-overs. This teaches me to go to my back.


Within less than five minutes I was floating independently. My screaming stopped and I just started to go with the flow.




I don’t go back until Thursday of this week because we are really busy with things this week. Next week I will go every day! 🙂

Don’t worry Grandma, no trauma here. Within one minute of getting out the of the pool I let out a burp that would have registered on the Richter Scale and then giggled uncontrollably.

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