Food Is FUN!

So, if my Grandma Susie was here for this she would ahve crawled out of her skin. I was doing a great job eating and had a little mess on my face. Then Mommy dropped her guard and I grabbed the spoon( she was using to mix the food) right out of the bowl. It was a large spoon and it was FULL of lunch!

So here I sit with my head hung in shame as I am trying to dye my skin a pretty orange.


Oh, was this not a good idea. Thank goodness Mommy fed me with no shirt on.


I guess I am pretty proud of myself. Maybe next time Mommy will put the big spoon away before sitting down to feed me with the small one. At least the kitchen sink is my bathtub right now so I didn’t have to travel far to get cleaned up! 🙂


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