More Sleep and My New Buddy

So I have been doing much better on my sleeping not in the car-seat. My reflux is pretty much gone or under control. I am sleeping on my back in my bassinet now! I crash just about anywhere but wake up the second Mommy goes to eat food! I can be in a deep REM sleep and POP! EYES OPEN and screaming when Mommy takes a bite of any food!

((Emmerson crashed on the sofa!))


((Breighton and his guardian kitty Gizmo (RIP) at the same age!!))


So Mommy & Daddy’s friends (Kim and Kent) just had a baby boy Jack. They all came over for dinner the other night. Jack chilled in my spare swing (mine is on its last swings and Mommy’s cousin gave us their old one to use! THANKS!)


Mommy set both swings up on the foyer and we rocked in unison for the entire meal! 🙂 It was really cute. I think we are going to be good buddies!


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