1 Month Check-up

Today was my one month check-up. Hmm, a week and a half late! hehe! I weighed in at 11lbs 8oz. That puts me in the 75%. I am a bit smaller than Breighton but Mommy and Daddy seem to think I am bigger. I haven’t really grown in length… but that is because no one can seems to measure a baby the same. I was 21.25 at the hospital and am only 22 now. Oddly, I don’t fit in most of my 0-3 month clothing other than pants. So Daddy thinks my legs are shrinking and my torso is lengthening!??? Huh? Sure Daddy! I am just fine!

Me trying to figure out Mommy’s phone.


So SERIOUS! I always look serious!


I still sleep too! Mommy crashed with me because my sleep vibes were SOOOOO strong!


Doesn’t it look like this would HURT?? Where did my face go. I am all twisted up!


One thought on “1 Month Check-up”

  1. OMG you are getting big…yah you probably hearing that alot, but i gotta say it too :-). We gotta get some smiling pics of you on here

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