Where have I been???

Well, since I blogged last I have been dealing with this reflux thing. Mommy is trying lots of different things to try to help me out with the pain and to get more sleep. I can’t lay down and sleep without having weird breathing sounds and flailing around my bed. Last night Mommy finally let me sleep in my car seat and I did MUCH better staying asleep. I do sleep VERY well ON Mommy but Mommy doesn’t sleep then. Ugh! Hopefully it all passes soon.

I am growing like a weed, nursing VERY well and loving my big brother a LOT! Breighton gives me LOTS of hugs and tries to comfort me when I get fussy. He likes to put stuffed animals on me and pat my head. Really cute! He has even been asking Mommy if he can hold and hug me lately. Daddy snapped a few photos of us bonding.

I can get my hands to my mouth when I want now. During tummy-time I can turn my head side to side and even hold it straight up for a few moments. I still pretty much REFUSE the binki, I prefer the real thing to pacify.

My life is not really in my control yet. I just get put in the car seat and toted all over town. Mommy said I make up for the control I give up during the day… at night it is ALL ABOUT ME! hehe!

Mommy & Daddy said I am not high needs… I am really mellow. I just make weird noises.

Oh yeah, I also got to meet my Grandpa John (He lives in California). That was cool. Big brother kept dragging him away for more hugs and night-night kisses, but I got my time of snuggles in! 🙂

Also, Mommy said the highlight of her week so far (knock on wood) is that I have gone nearly 48 hours since a MAJOR projectile reflux. I even went all day yesterday with the same onesie on! GO ME!


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