Hanging Tough

Last night was a wonderful rainy night, the kind that just makes you want to curl up in a ball and tuck under the covers. Well, not for Mommy and me.  Mommy was doing very well and even got her catheter out last night at about 6pm. The nurse told her she had until midnight to use the potty. No big deal… Mommy downed glass upon glass of water and other liquids. At 12:30 the nurse said, okay I am going to get the new catheter. Mommy bee-lined for the potty and was successful, FINALLY! As for me… at around 11:30 last night they checked my blood sugar again and it was at 31! UGH! They had Mommy give me more of that nasty formula stuff (I make a grimace face when I drink it). 30 minutes later my level was tested again at 36! Not high enough. They took me to the nursery and drew a VERY tiny vial of blood and sent it to the lab to get “their” glucose number. Still 36! They hemmed and hawed over it and were talking back and forth with the pediatrician at the hospital for about an hour. They suggested one more test just to check before they did an IV or gave me straight glucose. Of course my number was 85! Phew! I had Mommy a nervous wreck… probably why she couldn’t pee!  Sugar level at 4:30am was 54 and not much concern. They asked Mommy to give me about 5ml of “icky formula” every time she nurses me. FUN FUN FUN! I spit most of it out.  I am nursing like a champ now, but only when I am HUNGRY. Otherwise Mommy is just a giant pacifier. I like it that way! I got plenty of rest and am not fussing as much when they prick my foot every 3 hours. Mommy got about 3-4 solid hours of sleep, broken up over 12 hours! hehe Sorry Mommy, that’s your job. Good news is that Mommy has no more monitors hooked up to her and she can get around the room much better. She still has the IV in the arm but it is basically disconnected… still irritating her wrist when she holds me to nurse. It shall pass…   Today I have a fun filled day of seeing lots of different doctors come and go. So for now, back to sleep for me! 

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