June/July Covid Fun

Still, fun is a tough word. We ventured out more this month. We enjoyed a trip to the Ringing Museum in Sarasota. Grandma Jo met us there and wandered the gallery and grounds with us for the day. I really enjoyed seeing and learning about all the artwork. I loved the grounds and gardens the most though. I helped Mom redo the front porch with some stands for our plants to keep the cats from chewing them. It seems to be working, for now.

Many days when B was taking his summer classes we spent playing DUO, UNO, Monopoly card game and other games. I have enjoyed this time with Mom and apparently Thunder.

We had a fun 4th of July lighting off smoke balls and ash snakes in the driveway. We piled into Dad’s car to watch the fireworks in the neighborhood. It kept things much more quiet, smoke free and mosquito bite free. Thunder and another cat got spooked at some point and there must have been an argument. Thunder got a nasty tail bite. He now has a shaved tail and is on several medications until he feels better. He is hiding out in the bathroom and rarely wanders out. He did come out to lay on my racetrack I set up.

We said goodbye to Luna and the Jeep. Mom got a new Tesla Model Y, named GinnY. We said goodbye to the old ice cream maker and hello to a new one. I also got an African Fat Tail gecko. I haven’t picked a name for her yet but Mom is calling her Daisy. I admit I like the name and it will probably stick. It is a play on Harry Potter “Sunshine DAISY butter mellow…turn this stinking fat rat yellow”.

We took a drive to Gainesville for the day to get out of the house for a while. B drove most of the way. We hiked in the NATL and then visited the Natural History Museum. Since bug camp was canceled face-to-face this was a fun alternative. We did have a virtual bug camp and I really enjoyed that! I can’t wait til next year when we get to go face-to-face again.