Random Fun

We took the AHA Heart Saver class at the Pinellas Park Fire Department. We learned how to do CPR, how to use the AED machine, how to do basic first aide and more. It was really cool to see the dummies. They are super high tech and can tell you if you are doing the CPR correctly. I was shocked how much of my body weight I had to put into it! I have been enjoying baking fun surprise cakes lately. This washy 4th of July cake! Grandma Susie came down for the holiday and we just hung out and didn’t really do much! My cake reveal! We cleaned up the walkway. It was super overgrown from the spring and early summer. I went to camp at Joann’s for a few days and learned about decorating. Also, I am back at karate. B is taking sometime off but I am hoping to advance a belt by the end of the year!