Tampa Airport Field trip

We had an amazingly cool trip to Tampa Airport today. We got a behind the scenes tour of many areas. MY favorite was the police and dispatch station. It was like sitting in the war room watching a zillion monitors watching traffic, terminals and other things. We learned about the history of the airport. We got to see the base of the tower where they monitor the flights. The ARRF was also really cool. We got to see all the training rooms for the firefighters. There was another group in the “normal” meeting room so we got to hang out in the comfy chairs in their media room. There were no complaints! Seeing all the gear was neat. I was amazed at the different suits for different type of calls. Most calls are airport terminal calls and nearby traffic stuff. They have a fancy fireproof suit for working around hot burns like jet fuel. The fire trucks are cool. They have a long rod on the front for piercing the plane to inject the foam. Each truck is equipped with different fire fighting equipment but it is all listed on a huge board. A better look at the injector. The firefighters have to use the gym 1 -2 hours a day! We saw one of the Trump planes leaving the airport. It was here for maintenance from back during his campaign!  We took a tour of the tarmac and other areas at the airport you normally dont get to see. This is a training burn fuselage. Several times a year in the middle of the night they do training. They di it in the night because people would panic if they saw flames at the airport and smoke in the day! This is one of the repair hangers. Any brand plane can come for service for the right amount of money. This wall is for testing the engines. It buffers the sounds from the area. We did a figure eight inside the area. This is not at the airport but who can resist looking at Blue my hamster! And Butterscotch. Oh and mom hurt her foot the day after the airport tour. She managed to impale a pencil into her foot, mechanical, and it broke off in her toe. She has to go to the foot doctor on Monday and get an MRI as well. So she is still getting around…. via crutches and a cart. There is the tip! OKay since that was gross. Here is another photo of playtime with the hamsters.

March Randomness

We enjoyed another Dunedin Mardi Gras Parade. I made out like a bandit. I will keep turning all these beads into bead puppies! We spent a cool day at Busch Gardens. I insisted on riding the carousel several times just so I could make silly faces at Mom. Tempting fate with the water splast from Sheekrah.Hamster fun! I love my hammies. Butterscotch and Blue. Lazy day silliness.

Welcome Blue and Butterscotch(cup)

We went to Repliconand came home with hamsters! I adopted 2 Campbells/winter white hybrid dwarf hamsters. They are both male. WE HOPE!  They are so amazingly calm and loving.  This is just a temp cage for them. We have larger cages coming in the mail in two days. I mad a huge maze for them! I am also building some ramps for them to get to the second level in the new cages.

4-H Madness

This week we had archery club and then the kick off for the Forest Ecology Team. We had a great 1st meeting at Brooker Creek  with Ms. Lara teaching us about different plants and trees.  We did study groups at the end while we cooled off. I helped with Breighton to teach the insect/disease rotation. We also had the State traditional Archery Tournament up in Newberry. I was on fire on the front half in the FITA range. Mom was my lane judge. Pulling arrows. I had to shoot at 10 and 15 yards. Next yearI move up to 20 and 30 yards! I think I am ready!  One of my arrows got Robin Hooded by another boy. Thankfully only the nock was ruined. I enjoy scoring on the tablets. They are so much easier to use. In 4-H even the 8 year olds score their flights.

Going into the woods I had a nice solid lead. This is the best I have ever shot on the front! My strength is in the woods! In the woods I held my own and stayed focused. I shot amazing. I just KNEW I would win! Waiting for awards is the hardest part! I did it! 1st place! Normally I am one of 1-3 kids in my bow class. So this was a huge win for me. It shows how much I have grown and my skills developed. I am excited for the All around match next month!