Holiday Break

We had a fantastic winter break. We did lots of arts and crafts and baking projects. I love making gingerbread houses. 
Thunder did a good job of guarding the gifts from the other cats. We made lots of cookies and other treats.
I got a few early gifts including these straw like things that you can build with. I had a blast!  The elves and elf pets were ready to fly back to the North Pole. We sent them off with some treats and milk. In return they left us a mess of toilet paper! Merry Christmas! Grandma Susie came and spent the day with us. We got her a giant bottle of coconut rum. She doesn’t drink! We got this cool race track. Thunder thinks it is his job to sit in the middle of the track and knock off the cars! Well, or block the track completely!
UGH! We took out our new scooters for a spin at the park. We were trying to find some beetles in the fallen logs, no luck. Oh, I also got table tennis, ping pong…. We can set the net up on the dining room table. We worked a little on our 4-H project books. We started the Brooker Creek entomology display. I enjoyed the 4-H cooking demos and art projects at Brooker Creek.We also made a trip to Venice to visit Grandma and Grandpa. More scooters in the park! Back to classes to keep on track so we can wrap up in April this year!

Dunedin Christmas Parade

We went and sat with Miss Gail near her house for the Dunedin Holiday Parade. We had a great spot as always. I raked in the candy canes! I loved all the floats. I really liked the bag pipe bands! There were so many this year! Santa came in on the Dunedin Fire Rescue truck. The next night our 4-H club went caroling at Largo Central park amongst their light walk. We had a blast. We sang loud and were even directed by Darth Vader.

We went back to Busch Gardens after PE this week. We got in a lot of rides before out commitment. We went to a Conservation Connection presentation about tropical aquaculture. It was really interesting and made B and I want to start trying to raise and breed tropical fish.