End of June Update

This month has flown by so quickly. Mom and Dad got all fancy dressed up and went out to an awards ceremony for Dad completing the Citizens Academy classes he’s been going to for the last few months. We worked together and replaced the faucet in our bathroom. It was all gummed up and leaking. We went bowling a few times with the Kids Bowl Free summer program. We spent a day at Homasassa Springs Wildlife Park with Grandma Susie.

It was raining when we arrived so we had to wait a little while to take the boat out to the park. You can park closer but we like the boat part!

The rain stopped just long enough for us to enjoy the boat ride. The park was empty due to the weather. We saw lots of wild birds and turtles. The parks caged animals were barely seen, probably because of the rain. I walked finny walks for the entire time at the park. We eat out for lunch and I had calamari. My calamari was sorted with the calamari sorting hat. It was a Gryphensquid. 

New Bed

Well, since B broke his bed, Mom and Dad decided mine was at risk of the same issue down the road. I was jealous of Bs new bed as well. So when B and Mom cleaned his room, Dad and I went to Ikea and I picked out the same bed for my room. After a few long days of cleaning and purging my room was all set. We said goodbye to a lot of stuffed animals. The rest are all crammed into pillow cases and stored under my bed. Mom hid them all with the lego bins. We still have a few more projects to pull the room together. It is really neat and organized for once!

4-H Horticulture Contest

We entered the contest on a whim. We knew we wouldn’t have a lot of study time with our travels and wrapping up school. I did find time to work on it a bit. I really enjoyed learning more about plants. I even added a few new ones to the garden! The contest was hard but I had a great time! I struggled with the judging but I am not sure why. I really thought I followed the directions but guess I needed to learn more about it. I cam in 2nd place. I missed 1st by one point! Oh well. All the ribbon winners got to take home a plant s o that was really the highlight of the event for me. Our team came in first place too!

I had a lot of fun and I THINK I want to try it again next year when I have a better chance to study and prepare.

Ukulele Class

We enjoyed a week of ukulele music with Grandma Susie at the library. We took a class for a few hours daily for a week and then had a concert at the end. I loved play on my new uke. I did not enjoy the song writing part of the class. I wanted to write about sharks but the other kids wanted to write things that weren’t true about shirts, you know MYTHS! The verse turned out okay but I still wasn’t happy.  When we graduated the program we went to Build a Bear to celebrate a fun week. B and I got jigglypuff, a pokemon.

Happy 13th Birthday Breighton

We had a fun time celebrating Breighton’s birthday. We had a party at the beach for him. I loved building sand castles, riding in the kayak, swimming out the the sandbar and having a splashing good time with my friends. I caught a bunch of sea critters as usual. We had a little nursery going. Everything was safely released back to the water before we went home. B got diving lessons for his birthday and I was brought along while he shopped for some gear. I loved the huge sharks teeth, i know I am not smiling but I really did enjoy them. I made guacamole at Grandma and Grandpa’s house over the weekend. I even perfected Happy Birthday with my armpit farts. Don’t ask! I am strange!