Busy September Start

I got my black stripe on my blue belt in karate. B and I have been having fun hanging out. We had a fun 4-H meeting about ukulele playing. I really love to play around with the music. Mom took us to Disney for a few days while dad was out of town in California. We had fun in the new Toy Story Land. I loved the new Slinky Dog Coaster. I was not impressed with standing in the long line for the Toy Story Mania game, the wait was only 5 minutes. Mom told me it was an hour! We went to AK in the afternoon for Flametree BBQ, safari and other fun. It was miserably hot. Until, I decided to dump water on B over and over. He did the same for me. It helped us cool off! I love my new popcorn bucket. We got on Flights of Passage in about 35 minutes! The parks were EMPTY! We stayed at a hotel and then next morning opted for Magic Kingdom and the boat over was EMPTY! Even Main Street was barren. We loved all the halloween decorations. My name came up on the goodbye screens on Small World. I found a fun hemiptera on the way to EPCOT. Monorail fun!

We had a blast. So much fun that when Dad got back from California we went back for another day of fun. I swam at the hotel for about 4 hours. 

I rode Tower of Terror and Mission Space for the first time! I really enjoyed them! We had a lot of fun as a family. It was nice to have Dad with us for exploring the parks! I was SO exhausted the next day I couldn’t keep my eyes open for school. Civics kept putting me to sleep!

Key Biscayne and Everglades

We headed to Miami area for some diving. On the way south we explored Big Cypress and Everglades NP. Mom took us on a 20 mile off-road trip through the swamps and ecosystems of the everglades. We didn’t see any python or gators but saw lots of huge gar in the water on the stops we made. We also saw the plague of locusts. Well, really it was just a huge hatching brood of lubber grasshoppers. They were all over the road! Mom was trying to drive around them but finally gave up.  We got to the boat that was taking us out to dive. A huge storm kicked up and we were stuck on the boat in a huge thunderstorm for an hour. The water was really rough. Mom got sick.

The first dive site of the day was a 40ft deep wreck. I was nervous about the 40 feet part so stayed on the boat with Mom. The second dive was a 20-30 foot reef dive and I was so happy! I finished my certification!

Back at the hotel to celebrate with a group pizza party. I was so excited to get back out on the water tomorrow.

The next day Mom raced off the boat and into the water to avoid the seasickness. She was able to get in the first dive. I loved all the sea life we saw including a nurse shark, ray and so many different fish. Mom got sick again after the first dive and called it quits on the deck. Dad, B and I went in for dive #4 of the trip but the water wasn’t as clear and we didn’t see much.
What a great group of people to share our weekend with. I am looking forward to more diving in the future!