4-H State 3D Archery Match

We went up to Easton Newberry for a tournament for 4-H. It was a lot of fun. But I was SO cold! 

There were a lot of people at the match. I had a great group of shooters in my squad. I learned a lot about how the tournaments work. I shot okay and know I will get better as I get older and practice more.

It was defiantly a lot of fun shooting at the 3D targets!




Friends and Fun

We got to go skating with our friends this week. I am really enjoying skating class and really enjoying the free skate afterwards!

We had an epic battle in Trader Joes.

Then we came home and B and I worked on the club scrapbook for 4-H.

We visited Adventures for some archery practice after B derailed…again!

I hit the coffee lid!


FWC Shark ID Program

We arrived early and hung out in the hallway of the FWC listening to music.

I was so eager to start the program. We learned all about how many sharks there are in the coastal waters. Then we got to try our detective skills and attempt to ID 25 sharks using a dichotomous key.

I had such a great time seeing all the samples! 

We got 19/25 correct but a few we were really close but slightly off. Not bad for shark beginners!

This was my favorite, an angel shark!