Easter in Venice

We spent the weekend in Venice at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. B and I enjoyed snuggled and iPad time and being in the pool. We were in the pool more than we were out of it.


The pool is heated so we hopped from pool to hot tub.


I had a weird way of swimming.


I couldn’t nearly jump the entire way across the pool!


I loved watching the bunny cake come together.

IMG_6815 IMG_6816 IMG_6817

We had a fun time dying eggs and hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa.

IMG_6821 IMG_6826 IMG_6827 IMG_6829

I have been into making silly faces the last few weeks. Mom was trying to get me to smile and I just laughed and looked away.


Eyeing the bunny cake!


We had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa. Happy Easter!

RIP Africa (My Betta Fish)

*Warning: Graphic images of a deceased fish

Africa hasn’t been doing well lately and we have ben prepared for this day. He finally passed away yesterday and this morning we had his funeral. I decorated a coffin for him and made sure he had beautiful flowers.


I picked a spot in the garden near where Marb (my previous fish) is buried.


We said a few words and I was really sad. Breighton ensured me that Africa would be met by a ray of sun and the sun god Ra will take him to the fishy afterlife. I felt better! I do love mythology.


One last good-bye.



Africa was laid to rest in the garden.  I am going to hold off on a new fish for a while.


4-H Rocket Launch

I had worked really hard on my rocket for 4-H this year. I called it the Silver Bullet! It was red and silver and built to fly high! When it was my turn to launch I was so excited. I had a great launch and safely recovered my rocket. I also launched my pencil rocket from last year. It went super high because it had a stronger motor than the ones we were using for the 4-H launch!


Everyone was excited to launch their rockets.


We event had our extension agent launch a rocket.


B and I checked out the new “attachment parenting swing”. The adult sits facing the baby and they swing together. Well, so far we haven’t see a single baby/adult combo on these swings. But you can get about 8 kids on them! They are very sturdy!





Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt

This is the 4th year Mom has organized the homeschool hunt. We had about 75+ kids this year. It was a great night of playing with friends, being  crazy and hunting eggs in the dark. I quickly found my 24 eggs and my one golden egg. I got a cool Spy Gear toy from the table.

When we got home we looked through our eggs and checked out the cool stuff inside! I was happy to get a rubber bounce ball inside a translucent egg.