Marine Expo and Science Day

We went to the Marine Expo so B could study some more for his Marine Ecology event coming up in a few weeks. I got to try fishing in the stocked pond.


This is actually really fun!


SO excited, I caught my first fish!


I got to pet another alligator.


We did lots of science projects and crafts. I made a molecule.


That evening we went to the Anglus House Haunted Halloween event. We went through haunted houses, a hayride and a haunted hike.


Little kids could get a glw stick and if we waved it the people wouldn’t just out as scare us as much. I liked that idea and it was the ONLY way I went willingly through the mazes.


We survived!


We still don’t have Mommy’s car back but they finally gave us a rental car so we can go out comfortably to these events. We just don’t fit terribly comfortably in Daddy’t little car.

Scissor Fun?

Mommy was getting me all dressed for gifted class and braided my hair. She noticed that my hair was funny in the front and the pony tail didn’t braid nicely. She grabbed my backpack and went to put in my water bottle and discovered a handful of cut off hair shoved in one of the pockets.



After class we took a trip to the salon for a little trim and straighten. I told her I was cutting paper and my hair was in the way so I trimmed it. I was very mad at myself for this choice as I love my long curly hair.


All better.


Except now I have these whispy bangs that won’t stay back. Someday they will be long enough for my pony tail, someday!


Mosy of my baby blonde is now gone as my hair has changed to a darker blonde brown reddish now.


Busy Weekend

I am getting to be a big baseball fan. I like the Red Sox, like Mommy. I made this sign today when Tampa Bay won a game. TB won. BAD. GO RED SOX!


I helped out at the 4-H table for National Night Out. We taught kids how to make paper helicopters and spread the word about 4-H.


B is studying Marine Ecology for 4H so we have been taking lots of field trips. Today we went to the Florida aquarium to learn about some of the fish and birds. We had into some friends as it was a homeschool study day as well. We did a few cool science experiments.


We saw an albino opossum.


I love the jellyfish the best of all. I told Mommy I can feel there energy.


We even found time to bake cookies for a 4-H community service project.


Our club made baked goods and delivered them to the library and 3 fire stations.


I also learned about map making and planned a mock recreation area. I am finally starting to speak up, but only when I know someone is listening.


I like to be on the team with Cousin Zac. He is mellow like me so we get along well.


Hello fire station! Thank you for servicing our community.


Fun with Grandma Susie

We stayed at Grandma Susie’s house this weekend so Mom and Dad could work on the garage and get it all prepped by Monday for the drywall install.
Grandma took us to a pumpkin patch. We had a fun time picture out pumpkins.


We went to the beach and played int he sand and water.


We made tidal pools.


I love being in the water.


When we came home I found a beautiful butterfly and it followed me all around. I insisted Mom go get her camera and a few mites later she returned and the butterfly was still hanging out with me and she got a photo of it.


Drywall half done… new garage door comes on Thursday. Mom and Dad are glad that they hired the drywalled for this job. The rest was bad enough with all the tear out and insulation and cleanup.


Mommy’s car died too. Apparently there was something wrong with the battery terminal, ya think?


Bye Bye Flex. See ya real soon. This shouldn’t have happened to a one year old car.