First Day of “School”

Today I started my gifted education class at Laila Davis Elementary. I was Very specific about wanting to wear a Harry Potter shirt. I am not that excited to leave Mommy for the day but I got through it quickly.


No more photos MOM!


At pickup, I made it through my 3 hour class. I had a great time and have to make an invention for my first homework assignment this weekend. I liked it enough to go back next week but I keep telling Mommy, I missed her lots!


Rainy Weather Blues

It has been a bit wet out this week and we have been stuck inside a lot. Today got a little goofy. We opted to wear all of our pajamas, even on our heads!


I am the 7 Pant Jedi!


Mommy sent us outside to play since the thunder passed. We opted to paint the house with MUD! Thank goodness it all cleaned off and we have been talking about painting the house anyway!



Once cleaned off, we made mudpies on the table.


Storm and Crystal snuggled and pretended today didn’t happen. They are two awesome kitties. They are best buds too, which at least gives them a psychotic playmate.


Another BUSY Week

We had to go out to the airport and get our photos take for our quick travel IDs. We mostly behaved and didn’t create a security issue.


We went over to EPCOT one day and I decided I liked gelatto. KIND OF. I really liked a salted caramel flavor.


I loved decorating cookies at Animal Kingdom.


I found these good centipedes and wanted to take a zillion photos of them.



We got back in town in time for our 4-H meeting on catapults. We made catapults that launched marshmallows.


Meeting Cozi

We had some free passes to the Clearwater Aquarium we won at a baseball game this year so today we went over for a trip. Mom and Dad surprised us with a preview of a documentary about the making of Dolphin’s Tale. It was an awesome movie. At the end, the star of the movie, Cozi, talked to the crowd. We all got to ask questions and even get our photos taken with her.


Mommy and Daddy think Cozi looks like us! We all have the same hair color and rosy cheeks.

DSCN1720 - Version 2

Trying New Things

We have been very busy lately and I have been enjoying trying lots of new activities. Today we went to a ballet class at the library. I am certain this is not for me. I think I am more of a hip-hop kid.


I was able to stay and build a Lowe’s Kids Club project without getting overwhelmed by the crowds.


I learned about photography and took a lot of pretty pictures for 4-H. B even took this one of us taking pictures!


We stopped at Waffle House and I polished off TWO huge waffles!


I am also taking a music theory class and today we got to play violins. Again, not more me, but at least I know that now. I really am liking piano!


I am actually participating in Lego Team this year instead of just sitting on Mommy’s lap and hiding.


I even am working WITH other people!