4H Summer Bash

Today we went to the 4H summer bash. I had fun playing on the playground pretending to make owl nests and then we caught a toad! We spent an hour playing with the toad and making him a home.

After some human food we played silly games.

I had to balance dice and then bounce pingpong balls. We did other games where we had to use straws to move M&Ms from bowl to bowl. We got to eat them if we could do it. Yummy!

Happy Birthday Mommy

We went on a field trip to Nature’s Food Patch today. I had a fun time trying to find fruits and veggies in a rainbow of colors. We had to search for foods in different forms (juice, fresh, frozen, dried).  


We got to hunt in the vitamin section for a vitamin that began with the same letter as out first name. I picked Vitamin E!


We got a goodie bag and snack samples at the end of the tour. I actually ate a strawberry banana smoothie! Shhh.


We went straight to piano lessons for Breighton. Today I wanted to spend my time on the drums again. This was an electric drum set with a volume control. I think Grandma and Grandpa need some for downstairs in Asheville!


We ate cupcakes to celebrate Mommy’s birthday and sang her Happy Birthday.


After dinner we went to the Thresher’s game and Phinley stole my potato chips!!!