My First Skating Lesson

Today we went to a homeschool skating class at Tampa Bay Skating Academy. I had a LOT of fun. I did a great job of listening and following directions.


We played a few games before we got on the ice.


We learned how to fall and how to get up.



I did awesome. I was one of the only little kids that didn’t need to hold onto someone or something.


Then someone passed me this pvc skating aide and I REFUSED to try on my own anymore. But I could go SUPER fast with this. I got going SO fast that I fell hard, hit my chin on the plastic and landed on my bum. That was the end of skating and I refuse to go back!


There’s a Hurricane Coming Our Way

There is a huge hurricane heading our way. They have canceled the public schools so I don’t get to start my gifted class just yet.

So, since we had no plans we had to quickly find things to do. We went to the paint-your-own pottery store and picked up a to go box just in case the weather is really bad. Daddy was on call for the shelter for communications if they had to open. We planned a lot of things we could do with out power.

B drew a really nice map and Mommy labeled it with the storms project path.


The storm took a turn away from our area so we opted to go to the spray ground. We were the only ones there.


Then we headed to Honeymoon Island but it was closed because of the storm threat. We opted to take a walk on the Dunedin Causeway. It was a bit windy but we had a fun time.


Exhausted and salty from the wind, we came home to work on that pottery.