4H’er in Training

I am back to helping Breighton in his garden. I helped tie up all the fence, pick weeks and water plants. Breighton even let me put some cool decorated rocks into the garden and I am going to get to pick one plant to take care of.


I am also helping weed all the walkways. So far I have done about 4 plots. It is my own mission.


Thunder Update

Thunder is getting bigger by the day. He is a reincarnation of Mommy’s old cat Caffeine. He is as dumb as a box of rocks. He lets Daddy drip water on him and then looks around and can’t figure out where it comes from. He constantly tackles the girls. He has given Lightning a constant playmate. Thunder still sleeps curled up next to Mommy. He has phantom ghost attacks nightly where he just zips around chasing his shadow. His favorite toy is his tail and he has bit it hard enough to cry several times.


We love the little guy. I carry him all over the house. He is super tolerant of my craziness. He lets me scoop him up and snuggle. He has never drawn a claw on me or bit me. He reserves those privileges for Mommy and Daddy.


Florida Aquarium

Everytime we visit I insist Mommy takes a picture of the owl. I love the owl.


Normally there are horseshoe crabs trying to climb out of this tank but I guess they were taking a nap today.


Being a snail!


I couldn’t find the leafy sea dragons, can you?


The bubble tank is a huge hit in out family.


I am going to be a jellyfish for halloween. I told Mommy it has to look just like these ones!!!!


Hanging at the spray area after all that hard work looking at fish!


Growing UP!

I am still loving my gymnastics class. Sadly, I am the only one most weeks.


After class many times we go to the playground. Breighton climbs the ropes and I hang ground level and play music.


I just want to bang on the drum all day.




I made a girlfriend. We hung out like this for a half hour.


Eventually the girls mom made her put me down. I tried to tell her I liked it. Oh well!