Mommy told me three times to pick up a toy I left on the floor. Well, I tripped over it and landed face first into the play table in the living room. Guess I should have listened, huh? It is now a nice deep purple.

What happens when Mommy tells you to clean up a toy on the floor and your refuse to listen. He tripped over it and went face first into the play table.

Sea Life Boat Tour

Today we took an educational boat tour of the inter-coastal waterways. I was really hoping to see a dolphin but no luck. We had a great guide who made us talk like dolphins.


I loved feeling the wind on my face as we zipped around in the big boat. I really like the water.


We stopped at “One Tree Island” to go shelling and look for marine life. I saw a horseshoe crab sitting on another horseshoe crab. Mommy said she would explain it later, but forgot to!


I picked up a lot of HUGE shell pieces.


I kept right up with Breighton looking in the water for things to catch.


The water was pretty deep so we stuck together with Mommy pretty close behind to make sure if we got in trouble she could help us.


I found the smallest shell on the beach!


What a great trip!


I like this sea life stuff!