Wrapping Up Ohio and Trip Home

We had such a great time in Ohio. We loved playing with our Ohio friends. Danielle is growing up.


We played all over the back yard with Nomakee.


Hey look, there is that cute kid again!


Having a blast with our pal.


Enjoying snuggles on our last night in town. Mommy said she can’t believe how grown up we are getting.


We left first thing in the morning on the 5th of January and ended up driving straight through to home. Mommy was exhausted and said she likely wouldn’t do it again. Breighton and I tried super hard to behave on the long drive. We got home around 11pm and Daddy greeted us with clean jammies and helped tuck us in. That was the only sad part of the trip, we missed Daddy a LOT!

Happy New Year!

We had a quiet New Years Eve and I went to bed by 8:30pm. We got up the next day and went to Chuck E Cheese and spent a few hours playing in a pretty empty place. I guess people stayed in bed late? Hmmm. NOT ME! We spent the rest of the day watching the parade and hanging out inside because the weather was getting warmer and melting the snow.

Sunday we went to church with Grandma and Great Grandma. After church we got to play in the yard. It was pretty dry and all the snow was gone gone gone! We were sad to see the snow go but loved the time in the yard.


Lost in the big back yard.


I liked helping Grandma Susie was her car. Well, really she was just washing off the salt from the sides until she could get to the big car wash.


Mommy had brought “poppers” for New Years but it was so icky out we saved them until today. We did a few and then played with the strings for a while.


I still love my big brother.


I helped Grandma Susie fill the bird feeders.


I took off running to go hang the one back on the front porch.


I couldn’t quite reach!


MOM, pretty please come help me.