Snuggle Bug

Well, when I turned two a few weeks ago Mommy said it is time. By that she meant to WEEN me! AHHHHH! I have only slept through the night a few times since birth and Mommy is tired of me just pulling up her shirt whenever and where-ever! So far I am accepting, except at night. I have done very well during the day light and am really enjoying snuggling instead of milk.


Same day… different time. Snuggled in for hugs and kisses.


This day I even fell asleep snuggling.


So as it stands I am sleeping ALMOST through the night now… just up around 5 or 6 for a brief up time. Maybe soon I will be 100%!?

See anything odd?

Mommy and Daddy fully expect DCF for this one….

My nighttime routine the past month or so has been the following:

  • Mommy and Daddy tuck me in to bed.
  • At least two or three times I will climb out of bed and go see what Mommy and Daddy are doing or lay down and peek out the crack between the bottom of the door and the floor.
  • Each time, they put me back in bed and make sure I seem to be falling asleep.
  • Eventually I fall asleep. Usually in my bed but sometimes by the door to my room.

Last night I did the normal thing three or four times and then pretended to fall asleep. Mommy and Daddy went to check on me about 20 minutes later and panicked. I wasn’t in my room. They weren’t sure where in the house I was. Mommy and Daddy quickly found me. I snuck into their bed and tucked myself way under their covers so I just looked like a lump in the duvet.

Well, tonight I decided to do something different. Once again I feigned sleep after a few bouts of loudly escaping my room. Then when they were down the hallway, I super quietly opened the door. Mommy and Daddy never heard me. They were sitting on the sofas relaxing – no TV, music, anything. I was SUPER DUPER quiet. Anyway, Mommy and Daddy decided to check on me to see if I fell asleep in my bed. Once again they found my door open. They went looking for me.

Do you see me?


How about now?


Yes, that’s me fast asleep – VERTICALLY – in the laundry bin. Yep. I crawled in and fell asleep in this strange position. Mommy and Daddy couldn’t stop laughing. Of course now they wonder how soon DCF will show up. Oh bother!

Golden Rainbow Ranch

We were up early and dressed for the farm. Old clothing and shoes to avoid any messes we may step in.

Emmerson gearing up for the FARM!

I loved the Einstein Chickens. We have the same hairstyle! 🙂

Einstein Chickens! :) They make you smart!

The goats were very friendly and we liked to talk to each other.

Hi goat!

From one kid to another they are pretty neat to talk to.

My goat!

I made a friend quickly…

Emmerson showing some goat love...until he got licked and he was DONE with the goats!

He followed me all over the place.

Running of the goats

They were trying to do tricks on the ramp!

Goats on a ramp.

I met a donkey that licked my hand. That freaked me out a bit.

Emmerson feeding the donkey.

I hunted for eggs in the chicken coop. Man do they lay them in the weirdest places.

Emmerson even found some the big kids missed! :)

Breighton even shared a few he found since I had a hard time.

So proud of his eggs.

Breighton led us into the woods to look for eggs. Nope, none in there.

Happy Emmerson and his stash of eggies.

The big kids went to see the cows and mini horses. I did NOT like them. They really terrified me so I opted for a bit of running in the open fields.

A natural farmer! :)

Then back over to call for my goats. I love the goats! 🙂

Off on his own and feeding the goats.

HAY! I love the hay!


I would have played in the hay stacks all day!

Emmerson was SO happy to be here and had a wonderful time! :)

But alas, it was soon time to go and say goodbye to the farm.

What a lovely day on the farm! :)

We gathered our things and said goodbye.

39 IMG_9033

To our new friends.

58 IMG_9103.gjpg

To all the eggs in my basket.

55 IMG_9104

And to the goats.

109 IMG_9115u