Happy Halloween

We started off our Halloween festivities with a trip to Safety Harbor. It was HOT HOT HOT. We didn’t last too long.


Then we loaded into the car and We went to a special Halloween Party at the Science Center of Pinellas in St. Petersburg. They had bug and alligator shows. We got to look through a telescope and see Jupiter.

I liked the chairs! I enjoyed climbing up and down. Especially in my little bug costume.


If I wasn’t climbing I needed to be in someones arms.


Daddy volunteered because Breighton was playing in the touch tank.


The next night (Oct 31) we went trick or treating in Grandma and Grandpa Reed’s neighborhood like always. Breighton tucked out and came home with Grandma Jo while Daddy, Grandpa and I kept going on.


Using Breighton’s bug net to get my candy. I am such a goof. I wouldn’t quit until I used it at a few homes.


Checking my loot!




Yuckie Feeling

I have really been under the weather the last few days. My nose is like a faucet. My eyes are puffy and filled with water. I only want to be up in peoples arms.. but they have to be standing. I keep waking Mommy up every few hours all night long. I can’t breathe when I lay down so I just want to be held upright and snuggle. Mommy obliges knowing I am just that stinking cute! 🙂


Mommy said it is time to night wean. I am not to happy with that. Daddy has put me to bed the last few nights. So far so good. NOT! It worked well for the first two nights but now I am getting a cold and just want Mommy at night. ALL NIGHT!


I am really getting obsessed with painting lately.

Mommy let Breighton and I just go at it with the paints today. We were FILTHY!

Breighton thought painting the ladder was fun!


So I helped him! 🙂



The aftermath was NOT pretty!


But it was SO much fun! 🙂