My New Fire Breathing Dragon… SO NOT COOL!

So it is 12:35am and I was sleeping rather peacefully until this BLARING SIREN STARTED SOUNDING! AHHHHHH! WAAAA WAAAA WAAAA WAAAA! Ugh! FIRE ALARM! People scrambling, doors opening, big brother screaming and me lost in all the chaos for a moment or two!

So I haven’t been 100% myself and I have been coughing a lot at night. Mommy said the wimpy humidifier just doesn’t cut it for making me feel better, so we bought a new one today. It is really neat, it looks like a fire breathing dragon and puts out a good amount of cool mist. But when you add a LOT of cool mist (4 hours build-up) to a room with no return vent (HINT HINT DADDY!) you can apparently manage to set off the fire alarm. The BIG FIRE ALARM! For those of you who have heard the death siren… your ears probably still haven’t recovered.

When the alarm went off Mommy went to get me and then B. As soon as she opened my door… she was accosted by a wall of cool mist. Yes, a literal wall. It was like walking into a very very thick fog. Cut it with a knife type fog. So, Daddy shut off the alarm and deal with the alarm company while Mommy tried to re-assure me and B that all was well.

Breighton went right back to sleep and I had a snack and thought the middle of the night attention from both Mommy and Daddy was kind of cool.

Needless to say, they both decided that if I need my humidifier again, they will turn down the intensity 🙂