Standing and Stepping

I have been working on my standing without holding on. I spend hours each day practicing and banging toys together when I am standing. I still need a toy, person or furniture to pull up on but I am getting stronger every day. Yesterday, Mommy was sitting on the sofa and I was about 3 feet away. I wanted a piece of bread Mommy had! I am a food-a-saur-us! I actually took three steps towards Mommy to get the food! 🙂 I didn’t really know what I did except Mommy was cheering and clapping like crazy! Neat! So 9.5 months and my first steps are coming out. I should be a confident walker by the holidays! 🙂 GO ME!

Holiday Photo Shoot, My Version!

We did the holiday card photo shoot yesterday, as mentioned in B’s blog. I was really chipper and ready to go. Daddy got a few great shots and then Breighton got silly.


He thought it was funny to keep pulling me down and then throw grass at me! BIG BROTHER THAT WAS NOT NICE!


Mommy stepped in for a bit to get me calmed back down after the many tackles in the grass.


BTW: I am standing totally independent (still need help from something or someone to get up). Yesterday I took a FEW STEPS!!!! UGH! It won’t be long now!


More and more confident everyday!


Getting some silly Mommy snuggles


Oh, I like sitting on Mommy’s lap and snuggling.


Breighton wanted in on that action. We all like to snuggle!


I liked eating the pumpkin!


Any finally, Mommy’s favorite show of ME! What a cute face! 🙂


It is getting chilly this week. I am LOVING the cool weather. I can’t wait for vacation to have COLD weather and maybe see SNOW!

The Next Mozart?

Now that I am totally mobile… lucky Mom… I am getting into all sorts of new things. I LOVE playing with the cabinets in the kitchen. I can remove everything in under 2 minutes!! Impressive?! YUP!

I have also discovered a major LOVE of the piano. I twiddle my fingers and make actual music! It is SO much fun. Last night I was doing it and Daddy looked over at Mommy and turned white as a ghost. Daddy thought MOMMY was playing the piano with me. I had a nice little rhythm and song. Mommy & Daddy agreed it sounded like “Chopsticks”.