Dermatology Update

Yesterday I went to the dermatologist to get my skin checked out. They ruled out a fungus and a few other things, like RINGWORM! It is eczema for sure. They gave me a prescription for a low dose steroid cream. Mommy gets to put it on the bad spots and then cover me up with a thick layer of Aveno Soothing Relief Cream. They also gave me a script for an antihistamine that I am supposed to take twice a day. I keep scratching at my diaper area and/or rubbing my legs and feet together to the point where the skin is starting to turn raw. They said the antihistamine will help with the itching. Since I haven’t been sleeping well at all, they should help with that too! If I don’t itch so bad then I can sleep better.

Mommy started the new ritual last night. I took my meds at 6:45 and by 7:30 I was asleep. I slept for 7.5 HOURS! The longest I have slept in weeks!!! Mommy was happy. I feel so much more rested today. My skin is looking better already!

Hopefully we can get this bad flare up fixed and then control it quickly if it flares again!


My poor back and tush…

This is a picture taken about 5 days into the cortisone treatment. Not much better. But not getting worse! I have an appointment with a Pediatric Dermatologist on Thursday. Mommy and Daddy are trying their best to keep me out of the heat. Tonight, after an oatmeal bath, I entered the world of cloth diapers. Mommy is still experimenting but she is getting the hang of it. I am TOO chunky to fit in a diaper with the snappi clips so she is just folding them to place them in the liners. Hopefully all goes well. I really hope this clears up! I am still a bit cranky about it. Someday I will sleep better.


Things that go AHHHHHHHHHHH in the night

Last night, I went to bed at my normal time (around 8pm). I was happy in my crib enjoying some good sleep. Two hours later something woke me up and I started screaming at the top of my lungs. Mommy said she though someone pulled my toes off! I was screaming and Mommy couldn’t figure out why! Not hungry, not wet, not dirty, nothing pinching, nothing poking… Every time she laid be down I would just HOWL at the top of my lungs. Mommy thought I might be gassy so she was trying to work that out by doing bicycle with my legs… I would just go stiff as a board and scream. Mom relocated me to the living room and closed all the doors on the way so my screaming didn’t wake big brother. My burped me…nada!

Mommy sat and rocked me, tried to nurse me again, did bicycle a few more times…. NADA! Mommy was patting my back all over thinking maybe it was a HUGE burp!?

Finally she and Daddy thought… “A warm bath might do it?” So Mommy drew a warm bath in the kitchen sink (since she didn’t want to take me to my bathroom for fear I would wake Breighton). She stripped me down and plopped me in. I was still upset but my screaming resided a BIT. The my back aching started again and tears were streaming from my eyes. Daddy gave up and went back to bed. Mommy was close to tears as I was acting like I was in so much pain. Mommy moved me a little in the sink so I didn’t bump my head… suddenly I let out… the teeniest tinniest most itty bitty *burp*. My entire body went limp and I was quiet.

ALL THAT for an itty bitty tiny BURP!? Needless to say, Mommy got me out… diapered and dressed and put me back in my bed. I slept for 4 hours before I got hungry then went back to bed until 8:30 this morning!


Oh My Pains!! Skin and Teeth OH MY!

So I have been a major cranky-puss lately. I had a bad case of diaper rash and Mommy has been nursing me back to health. The last few days my diaper rash has changed and mutated. My tush is nearly raw looking. The skin irritations are round and scaly like patches of eczema. Mommy called the doctor yesterday to make a “just in case” appointment. By last night my entire back was covered in a rash as well. So off we went to the doctor today. I have been diagnosed with “Nummular Eczema”. It is basically a term for coin shaped eczema patches. I have a pretty severe case right now. Mommy has to lube me down with cortisone a few times a day. Apparently it is probably hereditary, so Mommy is feeling really bad that she passed this on to me (Mommy has bad Psoriasis).

We are going to have to go through things in the house and look at what causes my irritation. Most of it is probably heat related, as we have been at the playground a lot lately. Darn Florida summers. So Mommy has to make sure all my laundry gets washed special for a while. I get extra long cool baths at night. I get slathered in all sorts of creams and ointments each day! YEAH ME!

Maybe once this is under control I can sleep better???

ALSO… the “tooth” that is NOT a tooth in my mouth! While we were at the doctor today Mommy asked about this “thing that looks like a point of my molar coming through!” It is what is called a “Bohn’s Nodule”. It will so away in my early life. I may get more, but probably not.

So today was a FUN day for me. I am napping on my tummy now and sleeping better. Mommy put me on my back to go to bed tonight and I flipped right over and fell asleep on my tum-tum. She came back in to check on me about 20 minutes later and I was desperately trying to hold my head up while my eyes were shut. Mommy flipped my shoulders around so I am mostly on my tummy. I hopefully will get more than a few hours of sleep tonight. I am tired of being tired and cranky.