Dude… I have teeth!?!?!?!?

Um, I think something is whacked.  Or so Mommy and Daddy say.  I actually have one point of what they think is my bicuspid (first molar).  It’s actually erupted from the gum line on the side toward my cheek on the right side of my upper jaw.  It’s small, but it looks and feels like tooth enamel.  I have the same thing but not quite as erupted on the left upper jaw. 

It’s completely odd.  I have no front teeth, yet I erupt my first molars????  I’m chomping up a storm on them.  Anything that I can shove in my mouth I jam to the side and chomp down and grind. 

If anyone else has had teeth come in out of order, let me know!  Mommy doesn’t want to have to take me to the dentist and have me x-rayed to make sure all is well!

Sitting Up and Sleeping

I enjoy sleeping when I can. But today it has been few and far between when I close my eyes. I crashed for all of about 10 minutes on the floor tonight.


Then I was awake and giggly… then cranky. It is day 8 with no poopies. Mommy said I BETTER go tomorrow!


I enjoyed some “sitting up” time.


I am trying to figure this out.


Thank goodness Mommy is fast to catch me when I fall! 🙂


Me, 4 months old! Already!???

At meal time I just stare and the food others are eating and smack my lips. Mommy said… maybe it is time to try a few.

I got to try PEAS! They were…odd?! I still like my milk.


I didn’t like them at first.


Yeah, okay, I didn’t like them at all.


The next day Mommy tried rice cereal.




I ate 3 tablespoons full and still wanted more! See the empty cup!!!


Oh yeah, I also got a jumparoo. I still don’t know what to make of it.


I like the spinning frog thing.


A lot! 🙂


Growing up too fast!