How I Bug My Mommy

So, I am pretty regular with the 6-7 days and then having a bowel movement. It leads to a huge mess but at least it is only once every week! So tonight we all drove to the grocery store and Daddy ran in to get some veggies for din-din. Mommy was just about ready to pick me up and feed me and I made this funny noise and then started giggling uncontrollably. I looked at Mommy and grinned ear to ear and just LAUGHED! Then Mommy noticed that I was happy because I pooped! It was the happiest I have been, well, since 6-7 days ago!

Disney Antics

We went to play putt-putt while at Disney. I enjoyed the view from my Bjorn.


Most of the trip I was just a tag-a-long. This vacation was really about quality time with Daddy.


Mommy thought my hat might fit her better. This seems to be a running joke… she had on my birth-hat in an earlier post!


Mommy watching Breighton putt his ball all over!


Happy me!