Belated Easter-type Post and Disney Trip

So this was my first Easter. It was kind of uneventful for me. Lots of people held me and hugged me. I watched Breighton hunt for eggs and eat cake.

Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie giving me Easter hugs


Aunite Kim join the picture…


Me, Breighton, Mommy and the “Bunny Cake”


We went to the Safety Harbor Easter Egg hunt a few weeks back… sorry these are so late

Finally a picture with Daddy… usually he is running the camera. Grandpa Howie went to the egg hunt with us so someone actually got Daddy on film.


I was just a tag-a-long


Family shot!


The picture Daddy took for my passport. That was no fun!


This past weekend we ran over to EPCOT for the day for the “Florida Garden Festival”

We went to a seminar on “sensory gardening”.

I enjoyed being held and NOT being in the stroller for a bit.



Me being super cute…


Big Brother didn’t want to visit the characters… so I did!

Mouse nose??


Mickey Mouse




Minnie Mouse


Group shot…


Chip and Dale


What happens when Mommy looks away for just ONE minute!!!


Feel like I am walking TWO feet tall

Well, my two month check-up was today! 🙂 I did SUPER!

Here are the stats:

weight: 13lbs 6oz in the 75%

Length: 24 inches in the 75%

Head: in the 90%

I have a big head, go figure! 🙂

I got four shots plus the Rotavirus oral vaccine today! Mommy fed me afterwards and I have been asleep since. Maybe it was the dose of Tylenol they gave me! 🙂

I have a somewhat yucky case of cradle cap but Mommy is working on that. Other than that I am doing just great! 🙂

Hanging Tough

I am still hanging in there. I had the tummy virus Wednesday night and it caused me about 3 hours of puking my tummy out. Afterwards I felt MUCH better. Then Breighton got it and now Mommy has it. All I know is that I have spent a LOT of time in my swing and Mommy feels bad that we have lacked “quality” time. But she doesn’t want her germs to get me again.

My enjoying nap time on Mommy’s chest. I sleep so well this way!


Deep in thought at my Grandparents house on Easter. We stopped by so Daddy could hook up their new distinctive ring for the fax machine.


I go for my two month check-up on Wednesday so wish me luck! More shots!!!