Last night I went to bed at 10pm and woke up to eat at 5am!! SEVEN HOURS! WOW! I nursed and went right back to sleep until 8:30am when Breighton started banging around next to my bed.

Mommy is happy I am sleeping well!

A week in the life…

This has been a week of being dragged around to playground after playground for Breighton to burn off that crazy toddler energy that he has.

This is Ethan’s little brother, Lucas, chilling with me while the big kids were off playing a violent game of “pirate”!

I wish I could hang out with Lucas more when we both get bigger but he is moving soon! I will miss him!


Again, me chilling while Breighton was off playing on the playground.


Breighton checking in on me and stopping for a sippy cup break.


Look how well I am chunking up! Chubby chubby baby!


Tonight, at the playground AGAIN, I met Breighton’s new friend Sammy. She really thought I was the bee’s knees.



Just a few random shots of me in the past week.

Chilling out on Breighton’s Curious George Blanket!


My SECOND Home Owners Association Meeting. I am full of civic pride!


Snuggled with Mommy was the only way to sleep the other day… I was grumpy but fell right asleep once I tucked up with Mommy.


Watching Breighton being goofy.


Everybody POOPS!

Thanks for all of the well wishes on my bowel movements. In case you didn’t know I haven’t had a poopie since last Saturday!!!! Lots of suggestions and support helped as I worked through this difficult part of my life. Kinda scary to think that a digestive system is just that effective. Also good to know that breast-fed babies may only go once every 10 days or so! Well, today marked 7 days for me. Almost to the minute of 7 days I tucked my legs up and exploded! Mommy said she did NOT like that diaper and just gave me a bath instead. Daddy ran for the hills claiming he was “busy!” He did poke his head in the bathroom long enough to gasp and runnnnnnn!

I feel SOOOOOOO much better! Probably at least 1.5 lbs lighter… but happy!