Family Time…

Hanging out with Breighton. He is good to me. He gives me lots of kisses. He even shares his animal toys with me, after he is done playing with them.


Mommy trying to get me to wake up. Yeah right! My hardest sleep is in the day and I toss and turn all night long. Mommy said it will get straightened out… eventually!


Weight Check

There is a lot to update and a lot of photos to blog but my parents are taking it easy for one more day before Daddy starts back to work full time. So for today you get a neat picture of the pure torture my parents put me through. They were worried that I still wasn’t putting on the ounces so Daddy said “Let’s weight him!!”

Anyway… this was the result! (thanks Grandma Susie for documenting this moment!)


My “official” weight at the doctor yesterday was 9lbs 2oz! 🙂 I am back over my birth weight and chunking up nicely now! 🙂 Thanks Mommy for the milk!

Just checking in!

Today was my “1 week” (5 day) appointment with the Pediatrician. I had a good visit with Dr. Harbage. She checked me out thoroughly. I’ve got nice strong neck muscles but was otherwise nice and quiet. Although, I didn’t like the Hep. B. shot! OUCH! But, I decided it wasn’t too bad and went back to sleep.

Here are a few pictures of me recently:

With Daddy at the hospital:


With Mommy on the sofa:


Mommy saying we had enough of the photos:


I woke up from a deep nap just in time to watch Scooby Doo! I’m just like Big Bro and Daddy that way…. GIVE ME SCOOBY!!!!


My big brother checking me out while I was having a snack!


And finally, here’s a great picture taken by Grandma Susie on Sunday of Mommy and me cuddling on the sofa!