Starting to Flip

Well folks the news is out. I am starting to flip. I am getting very good at tummy to back flipping and have gone back to tummy once. Look out world, I will be rolling soon!

Sorry this is a poor picture but the sun was bright and Mommy wanted to capture how well I support myself.


Tomorrow I am off on a road trip with Mommy to help Grandma Susie move to Ohio for a while to take care of Great Grandma. Then we spend one day with Great Grandma Barbara (Allen) and fly home with Mommy. I am going to miss having my Grandma Susie around but we are only a short plane ride away.

How I Bug My Mommy

So, I am pretty regular with the 6-7 days and then having a bowel movement. It leads to a huge mess but at least it is only once every week! So tonight we all drove to the grocery store and Daddy ran in to get some veggies for din-din. Mommy was just about ready to pick me up and feed me and I made this funny noise and then started giggling uncontrollably. I looked at Mommy and grinned ear to ear and just LAUGHED! Then Mommy noticed that I was happy because I pooped! It was the happiest I have been, well, since 6-7 days ago!