Sailing Fun

Today we went to the Clearwater Sailing Center for FunSail. We put on life vests and have lots of options of water based sports to try. We can kayak, SUP, ride on the pontoon boats and more.


We get a safety briefing and then we are let go to explore and experience.


I took a few boat rides and did some SUP and kayaking with Mom in tow. Then I went off to find ocean life.I became the critter boy for the day while B was out playing with his pals. I caught a lot of fish, crabs and more. All the kids kept coming up to check out the bucket. I refreshed the water to make sure they stayed safe and then released everything at the end of the day.


I even caught a few sea urchins.


At the end of the day I wanted to try SUP by myself. I just grabbed and board and paddle and took off. I was up and paddling very quickly and going all around the dock area. I was having a hard time with the current but then it brought me back in.




After we got cleaned up we had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa, who were passing through town. Daddy encouraged me to drink the chocolate sauce on the dessert with a straw.


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