Wrapping Up in California

Today we broke down our fort we built in Uncle Matt’s backyard. IMG_0383

I used the clippers and a saw to help cut the logs and branches into smaller pieces so they would fit into the truck for a dump run. Matt and Uncle Matt went to the dump and I stayed and helped Mom with laundry and making lunch.


We cleaned some of our cool new rocks for the quartz mine with a neat machine Matt owns that  blows air and crushed walnut shells to clean the dirt off of rocks and gems.


We got a quick tutorial from Uncle Matt and then he let us take turns cleaning some of the rocks.


I was apprehensive at first but quickly took to liking the task.

IMG_0422 IMG_0425

After we finished with rocks we went up to the summit in search of snow. We found just enough for a few snowballs.


We fiddled away the afternoon on iPads and then enjoyed showing Matt our games. We will miss California and visiting with Grandpa John and Uncle Matt. Maybe next time we come out we will go learn to ski or snowboard!


Our journey east begins tomorrow after we fetch Daddy from he airport tonight.


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