Visit with Grandpa John

\We hung out with Uncle Matt a bit this morning and waited for Grandpa John to arrive. We then visited the Donner Museum. I was sad that the exhibits were closed but we had a nice time walking the trail and learning a little about the immigrant trail and this that passed through this area.



B and I enjoyed climbing and jumping off rocks and fallen trees. I was really enjoying myself in the cooler weather.



B and I found fish in the water and then raced over the bridge to Mom on the other side to see more fish.


We thought it would be a good fun idea to hop the rocks across the river. B went first to make sure it was all safe. I was doing great jumping and stretching across.


Almost too easy!


A few rocks later my foot slipped and fell int he icy water. I looked over my should to get oriented and pull my foot up and I rolled right off the rocks and into the icy cold river. I was SOAKED! Crying! Sobbing! Mom went to snap a photo and I charged her and nearly knocked her over.



Mom and I stayed behind while everyone else continued down the trail. She took off my pants and sweatshirt and gave me her sweatshirt to wear. I was angry and wouldn’t move.




Finally I began my walk along the trail back to the visitors center to watch the movie about the Donner Family journey and bad winter. Mom wrapped me in a beach towel to warm me up and I was fine then.


We stopped at the camper on the way back to Uncle Matt’s and I got changed and dried off. Thankfully I have extra shoes so I was nice and dry and happy. Mom cleaned the clothing and all was right in the world again.

We had dinner and hung out with Grandpa an Uncle Matt for a while and then called it a day. I am slow to warm up to people like always and it has been a long while since I saw Grandpa John. Maybe next time I see Grandpa I will give him a high five or a hug. Mom said at least I sat by him at dinner and even talked.  I still stick tightly to my “I have to meet you three times to really interact with you”.



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